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BSC Wrangler 128/6


Our goal: To promote genetic contribution to the beef industry via semen sales of BSC Wrangler, passing on the influence of proven Santa Gertrudis genetics combined in an outstanding animal possessing a genial disposition, moderate frame and tremendous thickness that are the future of the Santa Gertrudis breed.

Sire: Top Gun 244     Dam: KR 7/118

BW 1.2   WW5   YW6   MAT -1   TMAT 2

Semen available for $50 per straw

Look for Wrangler 128/6 On the Show Road in 2008-09.

Shown by:

Pitchford Cattle Service

GeneStar® DNA Results

QG1-2 stars

QG2-1 star

QG3 and QG 4-0 stars

(QG GPD score 12.02)

T1-2 stars, T2-2 stars, T3-0

(T GPD score — 1.4)

FE1-1 star, FE2, FE3 and

FE4-2 stars each

(FE GPD — 3.37)




BSC Wrangler 128/6

Sire: Top Gun 244

Dam: KR 7/118


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